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Reboot Notes

The goal of this page is to sketch out what the alternate history Renaissance looks like after forty years of Sorcery, Alchemy, and Clockwork Marvels. This could be called The Vitruvian Age, after DaVinci’s famous drawing. Ideally, no more than a few pages of easily digestible content. The notion isn’t to create a mini-textbook, but to start us off in a fun setting that room for expanding via gameplay. For our purposes, the Point-of-Departure (POD) is 1453, the year Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire. We are now in the iconic year 1492. What does the world look like now?


  • Impact of Sorcery on warfare, espionage, theft
  • Role of the Church
  • Impact of Clockwork Marvels, Airships, Golems, and other Automata
  • Impact of Alchemy
  • Witchbred beasts
  • Implications of angelic presence on matters of faith & heresy
  • Gutenberg press and dissemination of sorcerous grimoires

FRONTS (i.e., fault lines for dramatic conflict)

  • The Ottoman thrust into Europe – drive toward Vienna
  • Italian politics & internecine warfare – Florence, Naples, Milan, Venice, the Papal States
  • Religious conflict – does the Reformation happen? Heresy – e.g., Hussites in Bohemia
  • Exploration – the New World, Africa, Cathay
  • Native sorceries – do they allow native tribes to resist the European incursion?
  • The Holy Roman Empire – dynastic rivalries, conflict with Pope
  • Eastern Europe and the Muscovite Princes, and the Golden Horde
  • The Rise of Spain and France
  • Cold War among sorcerous societies and guilds
  • Venice as a hotbed of sorcery, Rome as a center of Church-sponsored “White Sorcery”
  • Florence as a center of clockwork marvels and strange devices


1492 Serenissima Hexabolic